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18 May '23

Etrog Farming on the Rise in California

Posted by shmuel haskelewitch in Etrog, sukkos, sukkot
While Israel is the traditional home of etrogim, farmers in California are increasingly getting in on the action. A new generation of growers is experimenting with different varieties and growing techniques, with some even importing seeds from Israel to create the perfect fruit.
One such farmer is David Rosenfeld, who runs an etrog farm in the San Fernando Valley. Rosenfeld has spent years perfecting his growing techniques, using a combination of irrigation systems, pruning techniques, and pest control methods to produce high-quality fruit. He has also experimented with different varieties of etrogim, such as the Moroccan and Yemenite varieties, which have different shapes and textures than the traditional Israeli fruit.
Despite the challenges of growing etrogim in a non-native climate, these farmers are determined to bring a taste of Israel to the United States. Some even host events and workshops to teach others about the history and significance of etrogim during Sukkot. As demand for high-quality etrogim continues to grow around the world, it seems likely that we will see even more farmers getting in on the action.

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