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16 May '23

A Lulav and Etrog Poem

Posted by shmuel haskelewitch in calabria, israel, kotel, Lulav, sukkot
In autumn's embrace, lulav and etrog meet,
Symbols of joy, traditions complete.
Lulav, a branch with leaves of green,
Etrog, a citron, radiant and serene.

United they stand, a sacred pair,
A symbol of unity, a prayer we share.
Lulav, a symbol of the righteous spine,
Etrog, a fragrance that fills the divine.

With grace we wave them, left and right,
Seeking blessings from morning to night.
Lulav's branches, compass of the heart,
Etrog's fragrance, a celestial art.

The lulav's palm, sturdy and tall,
Reminds us to rise, never to fall.
Etrog's golden hue, a symbol of light,
Guiding us through darkness, day or night.

As we gather in joy, young and old,
The lulav and etrog, stories unfold.
Reminders of harvest and ancient tales,
Binding generations with sacred trails.

Lulav and etrog, a timeless connection,
We hold them close, a spiritual reflection.
Through centuries they've graced our hands,
A bridge to our past, where faith expands.

So let us cherish these symbols divine,
The lulav and etrog, a heritage so fine.
May their presence inspire our hearts anew,
With blessings abundant, for me and for you.

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