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Arovos for Hoshanos (5 Pack) - Lulav and Etrog

Arovos for Hoshanos (5 Pack)

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The seventh day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, 21st day of Tishrei, is known as Hoshana Rabbah. This day is marked by a special synagogue service, the Hoshana Rabbah, in which seven circuits are made by the worshipers with their Lulav and Etrog, while the congregation recites Hoshanot. It is customary for the scrolls of the Torah to be removed from the ark during this procession. In a few communities, a Shofar is sounded after each circuit.

Five willow branches:

At the conclusion of a number of "Piyyutim" (liturgical poems), five willow branches are beaten on the ground or other surface to symbolize the elimination of sin. This is also symbolic as a prayer for rain and success in agriculture. According to the Kabbalah, beating the ground with the five willow branches is done to "Sweeten the Five Severities". There is no blessing said for this ritual, but the Aramaic expression "chabit, chabit velah barich" is chanted.

The Aravot will be shipped together with our Lulav and Etrog sets. When you receive them, it is advisable to store in refrigeration so that it will stay fresh.