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Choose Your Own Calabria Esrog

Choose your own Yanaver from the comfort of your home. 

The Calabria Esrogim were harvested by Rabbi Yanky Kahan, Chabad of the Valley. 

Please note that each Esrog in this category is unique and individually photographed. Once purchased, the item will no longer be available, so adding it to your cart may result in unavailability if another customer purchases it first.

The Esrog depicted in the picture will be included in your shipment, along with a standard set of Lulav, Hadassim, and Aravos. If you desire a Deri Lulav, you can add it separately to your cart.

Please be aware that Esrog colors may change slightly over time, and there may be natural variations. While we will make every effort to inspect the Esrog before shipping, we cannot assume responsibility for these natural changes.